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Why is it good to be pet-friendly?

Every pet owner will tell you – it’s nice to know the rules of the visit (Pet Policy) in advance and enter the room where a smile awaits you, then you know that you are really welcome! 

Hotels that leave a good first impression to increase their chances of gaining regular guests and earning extra money. People who travel with their pets often have high purchasing power, perceive their pets as family members, and are very willing to pay for additional services. Some recent researches show that between spa services and additional facilities for pets, guests chose to please their pets and that hotels that offered facilities created for the furry companions made as much as 16% higher profit than others. 

Guests also know to appreciate gestures in the form of sweets, water bowls, accessories, or even a scarf as a gift for which they will often leave a good review, picture, and recommendation. Such expressions of welcome help them decide to stay at your place again because these tokens develop a sense of belonging and respect. 

As it is not easy to pack for a trip with a pet and as information about accommodation and other contents is often lacking, pet owners are looking for destinations that offer information about where and what they can do. In this way, hotels provide their guests with a familiar environment to which they gladly return, where they connect with the local community, which promotes the tourist destination in an innovative way, in line with modern tourism trends. 

Dogs today live in almost every third household and are considered members of the family. The number of owners who want to travel with their pets is constantly growing, as well as the influence of groups on social networks where experiences are exchanged – a happy guest and a good recommendation are the best marketing investments.

It is important for both pets and their owners to feel safe and welcome, you can help them with that at the first meeting – by emphasizing the pet-friendly hotel policy on the spot and on the website 

Become a prominent pet-friendly location with an official mark of quality and trust guaranteed by the PTA Certificate! 

Author: Marina Stancevic



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