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Today we present you our partner from UK – Travfurler!

If we want to describe them in one sentence, that would be – “Wherever you go, go with your pet!” 🙂

Travfurler was founded after Kimberley & Stephen, combined their love for travel and pets.

“It all started when we brought home our first dog, Frenchie Francis. From a young age he was eager to be out exploring and we hated leaving him behind when we left for work, to run errands or head out with friends/family so we started visiting dog friendly restaurants, cafes etc which quickly turned into dog friendly activities and accommodation. Once we’d had one dog friendly holiday and saw the excitement on his face visiting new places and meeting new people, we were hooked! In time as he grew, the adventures got more and more “adventurous” to the ultimate goal of getting his pet passport and heading off around Europe. During this time we struggled to find reliable pet travel resources, a community of other like-minded pet parents and a one-stop-shop for everything we needed – that had been tested by actual travel pets. This is when we set out to make exactly what we’d been looking for and the Travfurler journey began.”

Visit their online travel pet shop to find a range of first-class travel products specially selected for adventurous pets. Their mission is to help you and your pets explore and enjoy the world together by making it easier and safer to travel anywhere and anyhow.