There is an increase of pet-friendly places which you and your furry friend could visit these days. But, it is also important to highlight the fact, that a lot of pet-friendly places welcome only little breeds.

Not all the places are willing to adopt every dog. There are weight limitations but also there are some breeds considered dangerous. And yes, the small ones are usually louder and more naughty but rarely are people scared of them. You have to understand that the caterer’s only goal is to make his guests feel comfortable!

Whatever the current rule is, it is important to respect the business policy. For start – it is important to know them.

Because of that it is very important to standardize pet-friendly places and to create the best Pet-policy for every business. Also, it is important to have visibility of the Pet-policy, so that everyone could have insight and access to information which places are pet friendly and for which dog breeds. Only in that way, everyone could feel welcome, safe and comfortable (dog owners, staff and also people who do not like dogs but like places which are clarified as pet-friendly).

This portal will help you for example, with filtering the weight and breed limitations.

If you plan to travel abroad or to visit public places with a large dog bread, here are some useful precautions:

Give an example of nice behaviour and be a part of real pet friendly comunity, where everone could feel content and welcome.

Maybe your polite attitude could change someones prejudices and stereotypes.