What is networking and why is it equally important for users and providers of pet-friendly services? 

Networking is one of the most frequently used terms in the business vocabulary today, and the term itself means “connecting and interacting” and refers to people who are interested in the same topics, who come into contact, get to know each other, and strive to maintain that contact. 

As more and more activities are carried out on the Internet, presentation forms have also adapted to new possibilities. 

In the pet-friendly industry, effective networking helps service providers and users to find a common interest. For pet owners, it can be an offer of accommodation, or information about pet-friendly places, but also an introduction to services they didn’t know about but that can help them. On the other hand, if you’re a property owner and want to be heard about, networking is key. 

Know of a good vet? Groomer? Do you have a hotel for dogs? 

Networking allows you to meet your potential clients, improve your existing knowledge, or as a user to get acquainted with new products and brands, as well as to stay up to date with the latest news concerning pets. In this way, you can present them and exchange experiences with other owners.

Whether you offer pet-friendly accommodation, produce pet food or clothing, or organize exhibitions and events, networking skills are extremely important today and can be learned and improved. 

By successfully building their own infrastructure, a.k.a. networks, owners, and service providers get information before others, and since, like any investment, networking also requires time and effort, you should constantly work on your visibility in the online community. 

Creating a social network is a long-term process, and its quality can be measured by the number of contacts made, as well as by the number of stays in the facility. Through networking activities, you get to know new business approaches and practices in the pet-friendly industry. That is why it is important to take a proactive role and present your achievements by offering various forms of cooperation.

Strategic networking is a part of the activities that serve to achieve business goals, because it involves loyal individuals, encourages cooperation that is visible to everyone and increases the number of positive reviews. 

As it is actually a contact base, inclusion in the community means quick communication with guests and enables them an easy accommodation booking.     

You can see the benefits of running a pet-friendly accommodation here.

When it comes to pet owners, networking means joining groups for exchanging opinions and meeting others who share a similar experience and can help with destination advice. Community members provide ratings, information, and often support, such as referrals to organizations and institutions. 

Networking, in addition to visible comments and recommendations for local service providers, also allows you to familiarize yourself with the existing rules of stay and possible activities before departure and to design a trip in accordance with your needs, and to share your impressions and knowledge with others. 

Networking includes people with different views and travel habits, develops productive relationships and useful contacts, and thus encourages a new way of thinking in you when it comes to organizing your next vacation. 

If you don’t have enough time to research, we recommend a personal Travel Guide that contains an accommodation map designed just for you, with restaurants, pet-friendly places, and much more.

Finally, networking means getting to know each other and getting to know each other means exchanging information and developing communication with the aim of improving business. In return, you offer your guests services in accordance with pet-friendly standards and PTA certification with the aim of improving the quality of stay and encouraging loyalty. 

In this sense, do not neglect the importance of small things during the welcome.

 On the portal www. pettraveladvisor.com hoteliers and owners of pet-friendly facilities, but also providers of various services such as veterinarians, dog walkers, and dog sitters, can set their offer and be mapped in accordance with their rules, and guests will know in advance what they can do by using the available filters.  Join the community of pet owners and communicate through the group, and by registering at the link you will be up to date with all the interesting news and benefits from the pet-friendly world. 

Author: Marina Stančević


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