Why are pet – kit welcome packages important? 

Today, with the exceptional growth of travel activities, tourism is recognized as the most important economic and social phenomenon and thematic pet-friendly tourism is one of the popular tourism trends that is conquering the whole world. Currently, 56% of the world’s population travels with a dog, with a tendency for constant growth. 

The filter “pet-friendly / pets allowed” is one of the most used, and we wrote about it in one of the previous blogs.

As traveling with pets becomes a standard, hoteliers are joining the trend by providing a particularly warm welcome to their guests. 

What does it mean in practice? 

Whether it’s a short or long trip, staying in a hotel is a must and the selection starts with choosing a place that allows staying with pets. Pet friendly hotels have loyal guests and at the same time, they record an increase in revenue of up to 30 percent. 

As more and more places open their doors to pets, the offer of additional equipment and content allows you to stand out from the competition, but also to stay booked all year round, even in the off-season. 

Choosing the right equipment will make every stay more pleasant and safer for everyone – the owner, the dog, as well as for other guests and dogs. 

If you are the owner of a pet, or a pet-friendly place, as well as if you want to become one, you should know where you can find equipment for them. In the Pet Travel Advisor store there is a specialized range of products for pets, which includes beds, carriers, seat covers, hygiene products, and other products you may need during your travels. 

Pet Travel Advisor provides regular site visitors with PTA coins that they can use as a benefit in the online shop. PTA coins are obtained by registering on the site, adding favorite pet-friendly locations to the map, inviting friends, and doing various other simple activities that contribute to the growth and development of the community. PTA coins are a way to say thank you for everyone’s contribution and the number of possibilities to use this virtual currency will only grow in the future. 

Pets like peace, routine, and security. Especially when it comes to places where they are staying for the first time, it is important that they can take a break somewhere they feel comfortable. When designing the beds for them, we took special care of comfort and design that will beautify the interior, but also of easy maintenance that allows simple cover removal and washing after each visit. The availability of a corner for pets in the rooms is a small but significant sign of attention that the guests will appreciate, and it will help you, the place owner,  maintain high hygiene standards. 

If you provide bowls for food and water on-site, you will help your guests, especially those traveling by plane, not to worry about whether they have left enough space in their luggage. 

When choosing a bowl, it is necessary to take into account several other factors, in addition to the design. First of all, the quality of the material. Bad material doesn’t last long, which means you’ll have to buy a new bowl very soon. Also, if it is not resistant to scratches and damage, it is a suitable environment for the development of bacteria. When it comes to the appearance itself, models with a stand preserve the correct posture of the pet when eating, while those placed directly on the floor encourage better gastrointestinal movements, because they force the pet to slow down between bites. 

In the PTA shop you will find metal bowls that are very easy to clean, with a rubber bottom or a wooden base that prevents the bowl from sliding, so it will avoid moving or tipping over. 

If you’re in the tourism industry, you can make your business pet-friendly with small gestures to attract new customers and keep existing ones. One of our innovations this year is the Pet Gift Box – organic cotton bags that you can brand and fill with various useful and interesting accessories- from shampoos and supplements to treats and toys. If you are interested in an offer for your hotel or restaurant, contact us at info@pettraveladvisor.com so that we can create an offer, especially for you. You can see the general one on the link.  

Unlike human treats, pet treats are pretty good nutritionally, with vitamins and nutrients that help fill their stomachs and make them feel good, but are also beneficial for their health. After all, pets enjoy them because they are fun to eat! Our partner PURINA produces rich-tasting treats, for chewing, as well as for maintaining dental hygiene, and their entire product range is a pioneer in special diets built on decades of research. 

Of course, with accessories that can make the stay more pleasant for guests with pets, don’t neglect those who are in your hotel without them, who are less tolerant, or who suffer from allergies. Since hygiene is the most important, the best way to prevent unwanted situations with pets in the rooms or in the surroundings is the existence of trash cans, as well as hygiene bags or mats that may be part of the offer. In the end, the basis of pet-friendly service is that we consider pets regular guests and make sure that they are accepted in the best way. 

Even the existence of adequate equipment emphasizes the meaning of the term “friendly”, which is not only a possibility for pets to stay in a certain facility but also the attitude towards them and the professionalism itself. 

In the PTA shop choose the best for your guests and pets and spoil them with style. 


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