Pet Travel Advisor promotes pet tourism, addressed to the dog owners who travel with their pet.

The market of this branch of tourism is enormous and brings a targeted group of tourists who are loyal, faithful guests and visitors if they are given adequate satisfaction and fulfill the requirements.

According to the New York Times statistics last year, 61% of the hotels received pets and spent over $ 5.4 trillion in pet tourism. According to data from 2018, 12 million (45%) households live in the world with a lover. In Europe and the region, according to the number of pets and those who travel with them, France, Germany and Russia are ahead, and Italy, Spain, Poland and Hungary do not lag behind much.

The aim of the project is to promote “pet-friendly” accommodations, restaurants, caffes, as well as all other services that includes pet visit. This achieves the standardization and improvement of services, higher attendance and additional earnings in hotel and catering, but also overcoming the problem of pet admission and the education of their owners through the Pet Travel Advisor portal.