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What is the significance of pet-friendly searches?

An increase in the amount of free time, financial opportunities, an increase in the cultural and educational level of the population, changes in consumer attitudes, and other factors have influenced travel habits and opportunities.

Today, there is an exceptional growth in travel activities, tourism is recognized as the most important economic and social phenomenon, and thematic pet-friendly tourism is one of the popular tourism trends that dominate the world.

For tourists, the year 2020 meant a change of plans. During the pandemic, people went to closer destinations, so many pets traveled with their owners. In addition, since its inception, the number of owners has increased, so only in America 67% of households have a pet, and the pet products market records constant growth.

You can read about the development of pet-friendly services in Serbia here and we also wrote about the development of new industries stimulated by the new needs and wishes of pet owners.

As expected, with the development of pet-friendly tourism, the tag “pet-friendly” became one of the established “facilities” filters.
Although the number of trips dropped considerably during the pandemic itself, the filter “pet-friendly – pets allowed” was one of the most used, and its use more than doubled. For the sake of comparison, it is the third most frequently marked after “swimming pool” and “parking lot”.

Even before the pandemic, pets were an important aspect of travel, and welcoming them has clear advantages for service providers. In addition to attracting a larger group of users, it enables hoteliers and other related industrial branches to make reservations even in the off-season. Pet owners are generally willing to pay extra to bring their four-legged family member with them, which means service providers can charge more for pets. They are family, and guests appreciate it when they are well received.

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What does the pet-friendly filter mean in practice?

Just as they carefully choose accommodation for themselves, owners want to be sure that they have chosen an environment in which their pets will feel good. Searching for accommodation usually starts with searching for activities, such as places to go for a walk. Apart from them, other contents can also contribute to the decision about the place to stay in. To make them feel welcome, many hotels provide dog beds, treat boxes, food and water bowls, poop bags, etc. in the rooms.

Here we wrote about some of the world’s best pet-friendly hotels and good practices. Until recently, the selection of pet-friendly locations was a long and painstaking process with frequent inconveniences and surprises. The only thing that was somewhat possible to find were accommodations, but without a clear and transparent regulation on the reception of pets.

The solution to this problem can be seen in the standardization of the service and the creation of a “pet policy” document that defines a set of rules for arrival and stay, as well as the available equipment and services that can be found in the facility or at the location you are visiting. For example, every listing on the website apart from the description, location, and pictures, also provides information on whether there is a bowl, bed, treats, hygiene and other accessories at the destination, whether the facility provides petsitting and walking service, etc. Also, it is necessary to emphasize the possibilities, prices, but also limits, such as the most common one – in weight, or restricted areas in the building. This not only makes it easier for owners to search but also greatly helps hosts to improve their service, charge for additional services and equipment and earn a positive review due to a wider range of offers and comfort.

In addition to standardizing pet-friendly services, “Pet Travel Advisor” also certifies everyone who meets certain criteria, promotes listings on the site, informs visitors, but also educates pet owners, primarily dogs’, on how to properly socialize them, respecting the house rules as well as the regulations of the location in which they are staying. In this way, we want to contribute to the improvement of the entire ecosystem and combine the appropriate supply and demand in a simple way.

On the portal you will find a pet-friendly map and accommodation offer, as well as nearby cafes, restaurants, shopping places, beaches, parks, vets, tourist attractions, and much more. If you don’t have time to research, you can also order a Travel Guide and get everything sorted just for you.

Hosts and owners of pet-friendly facilities, as well as providers of various services such as veterinarians, dog walkers, and dog sitters, can set their offers and map themselves according to their rules, and guests will know in advance what they can expect by using the available filters.

Author: Marina Stancevic