What are some of the fun places and activities for you and your pet during a holiday? 

As part of the family, dogs deserve a vacation no less than we do. You can plan your trip so that your friend joins the adventure. There are plenty of opportunities, and some are great to discover new destinations because many public places welcome canine companions.

When typing “dog-friendly attractions” or “dog-friendly things to do”, the owners are often left with dog parks and simple patios or restaurants. What if you are about some unique, hidden gems of the world? 

As pet-friendly holiday options continue to grow, it’s easier than ever to take your pet on vacation with you. Websites such as Pet Travel Advisor can help you to find establishments that love your pet as much as you do. 

Take a look at the TOP 10 dog-friendly hotels in the world. 

We love spending time with pets and it is hard to enjoy outdoor activities knowing they are at home all alone. Thankfully, there are several outdoor adventures you can take your puppy along with you. Amusement parks never fail to entertain, especially when dogs can join in the fun.  

America’s largest free-admission amusement park, Knoebels Amusement Resort in Pennsylvania, is also one of the few in the world that welcomes dogs. It has evolved from a popular picnic spot to a place with more than 60 rides to enjoy. Dogs aren’t allowed on the bigger rides, but you can check out a relatively calm pet-friendly train

If your dog loves water they will love kayaking/canoeing with you. Kayaks and canoes are among the most fun ways to get out on the water with your dog. Whether you’re exercising, fishing, or enjoying a leisurely adventure, these easy-to-use watercrafts comfortably accommodate furry mates. In that sense, Park and Ocean in Florida gives you a chance to get a taste of the adventure. You can also join a kayak or canoe tour on the waters of Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, settled between the Atlantic and Fort Lauderdale’s Intracoastal Waterway. 

Remember to first have your dog get in the kayak/canoe on shore before getting out on the water. Even if your dog is an excellent swimmer it is recommended they wear a flotation device while on board.

As for the most famous entertainment place in the world, only service animals are permitted in Disney theme parks, Disney Springs, water parks, or on Disney Transportation. However, pet dogs may visit Disney Resort hotels as part of the dog-friendly pilot program, a designated dog-friendly accommodation, including easy access to outdoor walkways for exercise and to green spaces with pet relief areas. Upon arrival, dogs and their owners will be greeted with a complimentary Pluto’s Welcome Kit. While certain floors or sections of these Disney Resort hotels are dog-friendly, the majority of areas remain canine-free to protect guests with allergies.

Are you considering leaving your dog behind because animals are not allowed in museums? Problem solved! There are many institutions, for example, in Italy, that can be easily visited even with your pet. 

Turin is an Italian city that holds an absolute record of pet-friendly museums- from Palazzo Madama to the Museum of Cinema (although the latter does not allow large breeds). The National Automobile Museum has no restrictions, as long as your dog knows how to behave in public places. 

If you are a fan of all things engineering, you can visit Brunel Museum in London together. It is dedicated to London’s most inventive and technologically influential family: the Brunels.

Pet owners are doing more and more to make their pets comfortable, from finding a favorite pet sitter to making homemade treats, so taking dogs to the store is a natural extension of the pet-centric lifestyle.

Finding a dog-friendly store used to be a challenge, but during the pandemic, pets have taken the world by storm. With millions of households that acquired one during the first year of COVID, retailers hope to lure people back to home appliance shops and consider letting them bring their animal companions. British homeware chain Wilko announced that pets were allowed in all areas of the stores except for food aisles. Fashion company Gap has long been a favorite place to shop, especially since they usually offer seasonal pet sweaters to match the owners’. Their stores allow pups inside as long as they’re always on a leash. Sephora is the world’s largest beauty retailer and some locations can also be great places to shop with your pup. It’s best to check with your local store ahead of time to ask if that location is pet-friendly. 

A general shopping rule is that if you have a small dog, using a carrier is a smart way to go, while a collar and leash are key for bigger dogs. 

If you bring your dog with you into a store, remember they should be properly socialized, with basic training manners – not tugging at the leash, jumping on strangers, or nosing merchandise. 

Here you can find some tips on how to overcome bad behaviors. 

Camping with dogs can be an ideal time to remember to find joy in simple things and, no matter how big or small their breed is, it doesn’t have to be a hassle as long as you plan ahead. With some extra prep and necessary supplies, like food, dishes, safety gear, and medicine, you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. 

At Camping Village Capo D’orso, in Sardinia, Italy, every member of the family has been thought of, including your pet. There is a small area for guests with pets on the camping beach. The campsite has dog showers and dogs are very welcome on the terrace of the restaurant.  Aminess Maravea Camping Resort in Istria is surrounded by beautiful nature and the Adriatic coast, which ensures that every guest quickly feels at home. Upon arrival, your pet will be pampered with a welcome gift in the form of a blanket and a water bowl. 

A great way to increase your business is to welcome visitors with their four-legged friends. It’s a fast-growing trend among dog owners to take their pets away with them rather than send them to a boarding kennel. In the current economic climate, it can be a significant advantage to your finances.  

Since you already have a set of rules in place for guests without pets, it makes perfect sense to have additional rules for guests coming to stay with their dogs. Be clear about your pet rules, and make sure they’re readily available.   

With Pet Travel Advisor certification, service providers set themselves as examples of good practices in the pet-friendly industry and define clear and controlled standards.  

In case you have any doubts, the Pet Travel Advisor team will give you answers to them. 

Contact us for additional questions at: info@pettraveladvisor.com or join the pet owner community and communicate through a forum or group.  


This week we present to you: Marta


Bio: Her story has been going on since 2014, since we have been taking care of her. Marta once had the owners but they kicked her out.

Health: Marta is 10 years old and blind. She is sterilized and  In addition to everything, she also has heartworm, for which we are treating her.

We are aware that now it is even more difficult for someone to want her… but can we at least help her to have everything she needs? Can she at least get a godmother (virtual foster parent) for her jubilee birthday who will help Marta have a carefree old age?

Adopt and do a good deed, brighten the life of a being who will be immensely grateful to you for it!

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