Nowadays, a personal travel guide is a brand-new way of traveling when using tourist services! 

Organizing your private tour allows you to customize your itinerary so you can see some exquisite hidden gems while traveling comfortably. It is not just your tour guide but a very modern and convenient way to make you feel like a local and to fully discover the vibe and atmosphere of the destination with your pet. 

The guide works as a personal travel guidebook that guarantees you get the most from your trip. Once downloaded to your smartphone it provides personalized recommendations on pet-friendly attractions, unique tours, local dining, and places to stay in. 

What’s the Personal Travel Guide?

Mobile tourism represents a relatively new trend in the field of tourism and involves the use of mobile devices as electronic tourist guides due to their design, usability, portability, functionality, and implementation aspects. 

It’s your individual plan based on your date, budget, destination, preferences, and of course – pet type, breed, and weight.

Your custom-made guide provides personalized recommendations on accommodation, restaurants, pet-friendly spots, hidden gems, and even nightlife suggestions, as well as some cultural info. We will always include the necessary documentation, transportation options, and a few services, located in your accommodation areas, like vets and pet shops.     

The Value

  • Save hours of time with research

Research can sometimes feel like a luxury when you travel, especially when it comes to timelines and fixed plans. As time is of the essence, this can be frustrating, but some research is always better than no research, and it’s often just a matter of knowing what tools are out there to help you get things done quickly. This holds particularly true for travelling with a pet and the personal travel guide is here of great help. 

  • Personal guide downloads to your phone or computer

This is a type of plan that you download for your tablet or mobile phone and save it there. Generally, the easiest and fastest way of creating an adventure with your furry companion is using a personal travel guide to create an online tour. It can then be easily accessed by any phone or computer. 

  • Expert recommendations and unique local experiences

If you are planning your next vacation but don’t know where to start or you are afraid you might get lost or miss something important, you can simply enjoy your trip by using the personal travel guide. Passionate travelers and their pets want to get the most out of their trip from a more authentic and immersive way to travel. The personal travel guide will eliminate the stress and save time spent on researching and filtering out information. Wandering around unfamiliar territory can get a little overwhelming and if you’ve ever considered hiring a travel guide, you will benefit from this customized service. 

  • Culture tips ensure you are fully prepared

Going to a new country means adjusting to a new culture. Experiencing a new culture that is different from our own is an exciting adventure, but at times it can be challenging or overwhelming, especially if we are in the company of a pet. Although a period of cultural adjustment is common, there are things that we can do to make it smoother and faster, and planning ahead with your personal customized guide is among the most popular and convenient ones. 

PTA is your trusted travel expert! With us you can travel in 3 easy steps:

  • Select your destination & fill in the form
  • Order & get your travel guide
  • Plan & Go!


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