The Special Nature Reserve Zasavica is situated in the South-East Europe, in the Republic of Serbia, on the territory of South Voivodina and North Macva, east of the Drina River and south of the Sava River. It comprises territories of Sremska Mitrovica and Bogatić municipalities .


Preserved authentic landscapes, folklore and cultural-historical monuments, describe Zasavica as unique and complete touristic entirety.

Picturesque mosaic of forests, meadows, river banks and the river itself, abundance of plants and animals, traditional way of life on the river presented in folklore and everyday life, as well, historical heritage dating from ancient time, offer to the visitors rare, attractive and unique experiences during the whole year.

Relaxation, recreation, sailing, watching and study of nature in the Zasavica Special Nature Reserve can easily become reality for You. Educational programs for pupils and students are recommended through programs of one or several days of expertly prepared activities.

For its biodiversity, presence of relict, endemic and rare species and their communities, insufficient knowledge of some groups (e. g. insects), the possibility to study inter- and intraspecific relations, interactions of biotic and abiotic factors, the area can be designated as one of interest for science and suitable for scientific research.

Sport fisherman will find specially designed locations, where they can catch, with a little luck, carp, pike and golden carp.

For individual and group visits all information and guides are provided by the managing authority, Pokret Gorana from Sremska Mitrovica, and touristic information (accommodation, reservation) are available in the tourist agency Anitours from Sremska Mitrovica.

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