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Harmony program a complete psychological and physical relaxation accompanied by cleansing the physical body and harmonising the energy body by means of: a balanced vegetarian diet, teas made of herbs that grow on the island, morning exercises, seminars, circle dance and other dance workshops. Nature on the island provides additional cleansing with its elements of water, air, earth and fire through:Harmony Center is located on the island of Pašman that is abounded by intact Mediterranean areas, that are extremely important in order to gain
a sense of connection with nature. A man becomes one with olives, herbs, stones, sun … The process of transforming significantly speeds up and move in its essential form. Sea is opened us to new horizons that has been given us a sense of connection with the world. Also, stay in salt water extremely clean our energy field of stagnant energy. We drink tea from plants that grow on the island, whereby we are associated with vibrations of the place in that we find ourselves. The Sun that shines on us abundantly causes further new vibrations in our body. Earth as a maternal principle, the Sun as a father principle and Sea that connects them, makes in us new alchemical reaction that support the processes on the program itself. All of these components wake in us inner width, ground and return to our own center.

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CAMP Torkul
23262, Kraj

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