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Dunavska 31


Danube Park or Dunavski Park is an urban park in the downtown of Novi Sad, the capital of the Vojvodina Province, Serbia. Formed in 1895, it is protected as the natural monument and is one of the symbols of the city. The lake is mostly inhabited by ducks. For a long time, a symbol of the park was a couple of swans, called Isa and Bisa. Their offspring were attacked in 2015 by the red-eared sliders, which were probably released in the lake by their owners who kept them as pets. One chick was killed and two others had their wings bitten off, one wing each. However, some experts thought that the turtles couldn't do that. Still, the lake was emptied, all sliders were removed and transferred to the Lake Palić, and only the European pond turtles which are harmless for the birds, were kept.
During the winter, there is amazing Ice forest - Ledena šuma, where visitors could skating on ice, walk down the park, drink hot vine, and eat delicious traditional cakes.

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