Type of Catering Facility

Trg srpskih dobrovoljaca 28
23300 Kikinda, Republika Srbija


We wanted to provide our city, Kikinda, with a place that will combine the spirit and tradition of the old days, with the energy and quality of the new time. Because we know it's not worth regretting what happened. Because we know that we need to create something of sufficient quality and value, so much - to remain for generations to come.

This is how Twenty was created - a restaurant that, with its authentic ambience and service, provides our guests with a specific charm of ancient times, days when the tastes and aromas of local cuisine were enjoyed. We nurture tradition and combine it with innovation. We make fragrant delicacies and delicious desserts according to the recipes of old masters, and we charmingly add a modern and exciting end effect.

There is also our hostel which hosts all those who long for beauty and comfort day by day. Each room of our hostel is equipped with skill and love. Each is bright, spacious, comfortable. And in each one you will want to come back.

  • Трг Српских Добровољаца 28, Kikinda 23300, North Banat, Serbia

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