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Learning through play – Five basic commands for puppies

The sooner the better. This motto is guaranteed to be true when it comes to dog training. Young dogs are extremely curious and they look at the world without prejudice. Therefore, you should use this period and teach them what is expected from them, and what behavior is undesirable.

Puppies have a short concentration and get tired quickly, consequently the lessons should be short and fun. During training, play is important, so while playing with them, try to get them to do the task you expect them to do. The most important thing for the puppy is to learn its name, so repeat it often, because when the dog hears his name, he should focus on the owner.

During training, be patient but determined. Keep your voice energetic, but don’t shout if the dog is disobedient.

The five basic commands that a dog needs to master from an early age are:

  1. „Come here” command
  2. Standing patiently, waiting
  3. Urination in the place provided for that
  4. Getting used to the leash
  5. Getting used to touch, care

And when your dog completes the task correctly, be sure to reward him. You can teach them much more effectively if you reward them when they behave well, than punishing them if they are stubborn.

Copyright: Msc Media manager & Jurnalist Ildiko Feher
Associate: Dr Vet. Med. Dunja Kovač


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