Do you know which day is dedicated to pet dogs and how it is celebrated?  

August 26th is marked as International Dog Day, in order to encourage greater concern for their health and protection on a global level.  

This date was established in 2004 in America on the initiative of Colleen Page, an activist and lawyer who deals with the welfare of animals. Colleen chose August 26th because that’s the day her family adopted their first dog, back when she was a child.  

By celebrating International Dog Day, attention is drawn to their importance and preciousness and advocacy for the care of dogs, regardless of breed. The very idea of this date began with the attitude that every furry friend is worthy of attention, care, love, and safe life, without abuse and starvation. In this sense, this day also promotes the adoption of dogs.  

We are still not sure when the dog as we know it today arose, but it is known to share a gene with the wolf. According to the archaeological findings so far, it is thought that the dog was domesticated approximately 15,000 years ago, but there is a possibility that it came closer to man even earlier, probably because of easily available food. This is where their relationship began, which has developed quite a bit to this day.  

Dogs themselves are to some extent responsible for the progress and evolution of humanity. Helping in hunting and guarding livestock, they enabled the development of agriculture, and by providing protection from wild animals, they provided the space and time in which civilization progressed.  

Thus, dogs played an important role in the development of human communities, and today they are irreplaceable as pets.  

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Through selection, man has developed various breeds that differ in size, but also in their purpose. Dogs help in the army, the police, search for missing persons and animals, guard and guide herds on pastures, help people with special needs. Dogs have developed their athletic abilities, so there are many dog sports such as agility, flyball, canicross, where the owner and his dog enjoy joint activities.  

Although they are capable of independent survival, they increasingly need the care and attention of people. World and domestic organizations and associations for the protection of animals strive to reduce the number of stray dogs by providing them with a safe home through various activities, among others, by popularizing important dates.  

International Dog Day is celebrated in different ways.  

On this day, owners post pictures of their pets on social networks. In addition, various adoption campaigns are organized around the world, so for many families, this day is an ideal occasion for a new four-legged friend to walk into their living space.  

You can sign up here to be informed about news from the pet-friendly world.  If you decide to treat your pet to a trip, here you will find a list of necessary documents.


In addition to well-known facts about dogs – that their sense of smell is at least 10 times better than ours, that the intelligence of dogs is at the level of a two-year-old child, that the print of a dog’s nose is unique, like our fingerprint, that when a dog shows its belly to a person, it means that it has complete trust in him, and that people’s blood pressure has been proven to drop when petting a dog, there are also nuances of the relationship between each owner and dog individually, which are characterized by loyalty, boundless love and sacrifice, and which pets show their owners through constant care and affection. 

International Dog Day is also an opportunity for communities to be reminded of the positive effects of advocating for the rights of pets. Thus, there are more and more cities where they can share public transport with us, with the development of veterinary medicine, there are more and more nutritional supplements and products aimed at their good health, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a critical change in shopping behavior, so, among other things, consumption has increased within the premium sector, for both people and their pets, the laws regarding the treatment of animals are constantly being improved, and the Netherlands has become the first country without stray dogs. With a guaranteed veterinary examination and treatment for every dog, constant actions and promotions related to adoption, education and raising awareness about abandoned animals, but also by tightening the laws regarding the neglect and abuse of animals, they managed to create an environment where pets are allowed access to most buildings and public areas. 

Here we wrote about the pet friendly service and its development in Serbia.

With this regard, PTA standardization represents the criteria for equipping catering establishments for the reception of pets and the definition of internal business regulations and procedures in accordance with the best world practices. 

If you know of some pet-friendly facilities, locations or service providers that do their job well, let us all know about them. Add them to the map and we will contact them, or directly recommend them to register on the site and thereby further improve their business, but also be promoted to new users service and visitors.

In the spirit of this truly special day, we decided to team up with “Beta” – the Association for the Care of Animals of the City of Belgrade, and help one furry friend find his home every week!

This week we present to you: Blicko


Bio: We don’t know his past, whose he was, where and how he lived, nor when and at what moment he ended up in a place where there were over 200 dogs who were in terrible conditions.

What we know now is that he is very young, has a wonderful character, adores other dogs, children, that he is eager for love and cuddles and that, unfortunately, he is completely blind.

Health: Blicko is healthy, all possible tests have been done, from infectious diseases, 4D test, giardia… to brucellosis. He is neutered and ready to find him the home he deserves.

Adopt and do a good deed, brighten the life of a being who will be immensely grateful to you for it!

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