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There are over 200 million pet owners in the world. We are here to connect you and make your and your pets life and travel easier.

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The world is huge, but if each of you enters a few favorite pet-friendly places and invites friends to do the same, we’ll speed up the process!

Focus on your surroundings and pin whenever you discover a new place. Someone will be grateful to you!

And we immediately reward your efforts with PTA coins that you can turn into valuable services and products.

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Get informed and improve your skills as a dog owner – or grow your business as a host.

We offer basic business standardization packages for pet-friendly hosts. This will help you improve your services and gain new customers.

We are also preparing many interesting short trainings for pet owners with which you will develop some new skills in raising and training your dog.

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We make this world a better place for all pet lovers! This will bring revolution to the pet-friendly world. Read more about us HERE

We created a specific Standard that follows all the pet-friendly services and equipment. Read more about it HERE

If you are a pet owner, you can join the network and get many useful information’s about pet-travel HERE. Also, SEARCH the map and find great pet-friendly places that you can visit – or ADD LISITINGS about pet-friendly places and help others do discover them. 

For even more, join the community page, ear coins, read and share travel ideas at Pet Travel Book

Registration and creating a LISTING page of your business brings you automatically standardized Pet-policy, created by PTA. This will make you searchable on the pet-friendly map and promote your place based on the criteria’s you define. Also, this way your will improve and protect your business, but also earn extra money. If you need advice and consulting with our team, do not hesitate to CONTACT US

All pet-friendly places can join and pin their place by adding a LISTING in one of a 4 types – Accommodation, Food & Drink, Tourist spot and Service. Inside every listing type, you will find categories and choose the one best suits your business description. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Standardized facility that is marked with PTA label implies that the facility has established home rules – Pet-policy and meets the minimum criteria for pets – water / food bowl in all facilities + bed / sheet in facilities with accommodation;
  • Standardized facilities with a recognizable label are on the website and are easy to find;
  • All facilities on the website clearly state their business rules and in that way avoid unpleasant situations and potential concerns. For example, dog owners can see which objects are Pet-friendly for dogs over 15 kg, whether all parts of a particular facility are Pet-friendly or is only one part, etc;
  • Support and expert advice from our teams, as well as information on current global trends in the Pet Industry and Hospitality industry.

FIRST STEP: Register your Account (click here)

SECOND STEP: Become a Host – Create your Litsting (click here)

One of the best options to promote your Business is when PTA representatives visits your place. Then you can show your hospitality and get direct review. It can be arranged as a payed consulting visit or you can be chosen to be visited for free, when our team comes in your region. Apply here and tell us why should we choose you to visit.

One of the most common concerns of owners of larger breeds is why their pet is not welcome in many places, while they allow small dogs?

Read this blog for more info!

Web platform Pet Travel Book where you can join and create your profile and earn valuable benefits. 

Our visit will bring additional promotion for your place and we will help you to provide the best service to grow your publicity. Also, we can consult you with best world practices in the industry and help you with law regulations and management.

Also, your facility will be presented to our followers on social networks and we will create a blog based on our visit!

There are NO Fees for registration, adding your listing or searching the map. 

We want to build and develop this new Pet-friendly world together with you!

We want to provide help to pet owners so they can find great pet-friendly places but also to help to pet-friendly hosts to provide the best offer to their guests inside their business policy.

Fees are for the promotion, consulting and support – which you can see here.

Our team and ambassadors travel all around the world and if your place is found interesting to stay, we will contact you. 

In case you want to arrange a visit, CONTACT US to see our next destination and plans.

If you travel with your pet, you can join our network and share your experience. 

We provide to our Ambassadors PTA promotional package on destinations, promotion on web page and social networks and lot of additional benefits coming as a Thank you for helping to grow!

For more details, please CONTACT US

No. Pet Travel Advisor is a status symbol of places who have standardized their services and provided them in a more professional manner than others. The number of paws does not represent the level of professionalism of your facility and business, but the emblem will make your facility recognizable and prominent among the competition.

No. Registering on the site means that your restaurant is pet-friendly to the extent that you wish to be, as well as to operate in accordance with the indicated and selected rules. You, as the owner of the catering facility, choose and create your Pet Policy , decide whether your facility will be Pet-friendly only for certain breeds of dogs or for all, whether the dogs have to be on a leashes, and other rules you consider important. Our desire is to introduce and promote your business in the best way, and make it easier for pet owners to find facilities that fit their criteria and needs.

After creating a Listng – Presentation of your Business place or service, the only responsibility is to comply with the Pet policy which you created, to provide the Pet Services and to enable the Pet Kit that you have declared to offer in your facility. Then, if changes occur in the way you do business, let our team know about it in a timely manner. This is usually the task of a Pet Caretaker or Manager who will conduct this segment of the business and communicate with our team.

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