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PTA Standard define the unique global Pet policy and set of rules for all pet-friendly hosts.

All businesses define the same categories and set of rules to be shown on the map, how they automatically become PTA Standardized.

It helps pet-friendly hosts to have professional Pet policy, easy to understand by pet owners and fully inform the potential visitors about the rules. It makes also searching on the map much easier.

You can find the best pet-friendly host with transparent pet policy in advance. Also, you can order Individual travel guide and get instructions wherever you want to travel.

There are NO Fees for registration, adding your listing or searching the map. 

We want to build and develop this new Pet-friendly world together with you!

Our goal is to provide help to pet owners so they can find great pet-friendly places but also to help to pet-friendly hosts to provide the best offer to their guests inside their business policy.

Our visit will bring additional promotion for your place and we will help you to provide the best service to grow your business. We can consult you with best world practices in the industry and help you with law regulations and management. Also, your facility will be presented to our followers on social networks and we will create a blog based on our visit!

If you travel with your pet, you can join our network and share your experience.
We provide to our Ambassadors promotion on our web page and social networks, with lot of additional benefits that are coming as a Thank you for helping to grow!
For more details, please contact us!

: It’s your personal travel itinerary, tailored just per your wishes and needs! Tell us your desired destination, the way of transport, interests and any special requests you may have and we will make it for you. Your wish is our command! Order here!

After creating a Listing – Presentation of your Business place or service, the only responsibility is to comply with the Pet policy which you created, to provide the Pet Services and to enable the Pet Kit that you have declared to offer in your facility. Then, if changes occur in the way you do business, let our team know about it in a timely manner. This is usually the task of a Pet Caretaker  who will conduct this segment of the business and communicate with our team.

We are working on that feature. You will be able to book very shortly.

 You can easily search by selecting type of business and location from the drop-down menu, in the search bar in our homepage.

Please check out overview video here.

You can add new location by simply clicking Add Business button in the right-upper corner. The button leads to this page where you will be able to select the type of business.

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