Enjoy with your Furry Friend

Hello dog lover, it is so nice to meet you! Whatever bringed you here, we are sure you are going to stick around with us.

Have you ever traveled somewhere with your pet and needed hours of investigation and preparation about where to stay, how to go, what to do etc? Well Pet Travel Advisor wants to make your life easier and more comfortable when spending time with your furry friend.

Asking yourself how will this work for me? Read more here:

  • Explore great pet-friendly locations all around the world
  • Find out the Pet-policy (weight limit, fee, location, amenities, pet kit, pet services…) of your host and filter what suits to you and your pet 
  • Enjoy our standardized hosts who shows their big respect for having you as a guest and see how great additional offers will came out for your companion

For any suggestion or question – contact us

Feel Welcome with us!

If you like this startup – go to your favourite pet-friendly places and invite them to join the network! Lets grow together 🙂


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