Have you ever considered Vojvodina as a travel destination with your pet?

Vojvodina is generally a pet-friendly region with many things to discover together. The network of accommodation facilities that welcome travelers with pets is getting richer and richer, and there are numerous tourist attractions that offer special areas where you can relax and have fun with your furry friend.

In fact, we are proud to say that Vojvodina is among the first that became a certified pet-friendly destination!

The Autonomous Province of Vojvodina belongs to central Europe & it covers northern parts of the Republic of Serbia, spreading on 21.506km², with a population slightly exceeding 2 million people.

Novi Sad is the capital of the province and the starting point if you want to explore the beauties of Vojvodina. We anchorage you to spend some time there and find out why it was chosen as the European Capital of Culture for 2022.

There are many hotels and facilities where four-legged friends are commonly welcomed, some even offer a welcome pet kits in the rooms. We have selected a broad range of accommodation for you & they range from classic hotels and B&Bs, to country-side and private villas.

You can use our website filters and find out what best suits your needs among plenty of hotels, restaurants, bars, parks, shopping malls, parks, etc. 

You can really enjoy exploring Vojvodina with more than 130 pet-friendly places marked on our map and if you are still short on time for research – we can warmly recommend our Travel Guide

Your custom-made guide provides personalized suggestions on accommodation, restaurants, pet-friendly spots, hidden gems, and even nightlife suggestions, as well as some cultural info. We will always include the necessary documentation, transportation options, and a few services, located in your accommodation areas, like vets and pet shops.   

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This week we present to you: Hana

Bio:Hana has been living in a box since she was little.. she sleeps in her house, even when there are minuses and when there are tropical days.  But will she ever have a family and home or will she be just one more in a series of those that we care about for years and that no one else cares about?

Health: Hana isabout two years old, medium height, about 15 kg, vaccinated, regularly cleaned of parasites, and sterilized.

Hana needs a home, food, a foresto necklace… maybe a godmother who will help her to be safe and fed every month.

Adopt and do a good deed, brighten the life of a being who will be immensely grateful to you for it!


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