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Brought up or trained dog?

Does your dog take the food from the table, climb on furniture, jump on guests, bark at passers-by, behave aggressive when meeting other dogs, uncontrollably pull a leash, runs left and right during a walk? If the answers to these questions are yes, then your dog is not brought up.

A dog is the only animal that a man has tamed to live with him. Therefore, man is also responsible for teaching the dog how to behave in that human world.

Dogs are born to know certain stimulations: smells, touches, they know the need for food and know their canine behaviors. Dogs are not familiar with the collar, leash, driving in the car, they do not know what it means to take a bath, walk somewhere where there are a lot of people, etc. It’s all something a dog has to learn, and it’s called socialization or upbringing. 

Before we teach a dog certain commands, we need to brought up a dog, because educated and trained dog are not the same.

A well-behaved dog is a dog that behaves nicely 24 hours, without commands. A well-behaved dog knows his place, knows where he has to eat, how to greet guests, how to walk on the street, how to greet other dogs, how to greet other people, how to treat children.

When a person decides to get a dog, he should first be educated about what it really means to “own” a living being for 24 hours, and only after that he can start brought up that four-legged creature. The good news is that all dogs learn in the same way, and that every breed of dog can be brought up.

So when we talk about the socialization of the dogs, then we actually expect socially acceptable behavior from the dog, and responsible ownership of the dog from the person.

Copyright: Msc Media manager & Jurnalist Ildiko Feher

Associate: Dr Vet. Med. Dunja Kovač


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