This start-up was initiated by Mrs Andrea Mladin, and her Maltese furry baby named Mila. They traveled all around the world together, enjoying the jurney but also discovering the weeknesess of the pet-travel indrusty.

After a while, they decided to start a studie about this topic with the experts. Today Pet Travel Advisor is a team of people from veterinary, law, tourism, hospitality, marketing and pet industry –  that will help you along the way to use your full potential, as a pet-friendly host, or to get the best practice while traveling with your pet, as an owner.

The Standard we implement in pet-friendly facilities and business, represent a set of equipment and services that one host can provide for the satisfaction of his gest.


We want to share the expertise, upgrade an offer on pet-friendly market and be your info-center to find all knowledge needed for travel with your pet, in a way that:

  • dog owners will learn more about the pet-friendly destinations, accomodation, transportation, pet policies – which can help to spare time on investigating and missing informations that can cost money and inconvenience
  • pet-friendly hosts will improve their offer, introducing additional services to guests and making an upgrade for comfort stay and proffesional care


Pet owners will easily find all necessary information that they need for comfort life and travel with their dog. 

Pet-friendly hosts will get support and know-how in implementing the best service that will help to develop this profitable and desired branch of tourism in a way that every guest gets the best from it.

The biggest hotel chains, more and more restaurants and different amenities receive pets today and operates successfully all over the world  – they know that the secret of happy familiy is to bring all their members together, while the secret of good touristic place is to offer the best experience to their visitors.

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